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Sudden Artistic Output Taps Brain’s Hidden Universe – Paintings and Music by Catrien Ross

June 10th, 20160 COMMENT

Close-Up Detail, Catrien Ross Sudden Paintings

I accept my sudden paintings and music as personal proof that we can spend an entire lifetime without once tapping into our brain’s hidden universe.

I was already 59 when I first experienced the overwhelming compulsion of a sudden artistic output that erupted into my life.

Spontaneous paintings and piano compositions began pouring out of me in fantastical flows.

The eruption was especially astonishing because I have no study or training whatsoever in either painting or the piano, and throughout my life have never shown the slightest interest in either.

I do not draw, sketch or paint, and there has never been a piano in my house.

At the surface level I know absolutely nothing about painting or piano techniques.

Within the hidden universe of the brain, however, I clearly do know and I clearly do understand, all that I need to about how to paint and how to play the piano.
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