Catrien Ross

Artist & Mystic in Japan


In 2013 I experienced the overwhelming compulsion of a sudden artistic output that erupted into my life.

Spontaneous paintings and piano compositions began pouring out of me in fantastical flows.

Yet I have no study or training whatsoever in either painting or the piano and before my sudden artistic ouput had not the slightest interest in either.

I do not sketch, draw or paint, and there has never been a piano in my house.

At the everyday, surface level I know absolutely nothing about painting or piano techniques.

I now understand, however, that my sudden artistic ouput is personal proof of a hidden universe in the brain that can be suddenly and directly tapped.

Within this brain's hidden universe I clearly know all I need to know about how to paint and how to play the piano.

My sudden paintings and music reveal this hidden universe.

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Is this mysterious unlocking of new abilities the result of some fundamental rewiring of my brain?

Am I an example of the so-called but very rare, “sudden savant”?

Or is my sudden artistic eruption a profound spiritual awakening that expresses the creator potential within?

I am still making sense of the sudden artistic eruption in 2013 which unleashed such astonishing new abilities in me.

Erupting as a sudden artist revealed that I deeply and surely know things I have never learned about painting and the piano.

I have no prior study or experience whatsoever in painting or the piano and before my sudden artistic eruption had zero interest in either.

Now I am “the sudden artist” who instantaneously creates original acrylic on canvas paintings and original piano compositions in continuous and effortless flow.

Clearly my sudden artistic eruption opened more direct access to the creative intelligence of the universe which so abundantly moves in us and around us – what I refer to simply as “Source.”

My first series of paintings is named “From Source”, and the first CD I released was titled “Music From Source.”

My sudden art and music seem able to powerfully open inner doorways for others, reminding each of us of the mystery.


July, 2013
Sudden artistic eruption of original acrylic on canvas paintings. Erupted 60 From Source Series paintings in less than 12 weeks.

October, 2013
Sudden artistic eruption of original piano compositions. First CD release of sudden music, December, 2013.

April, 2014
New Kirameki (Glints) Series starts.

May, 2014
1st solo art show - central Japan.

August, 2014
2nd solo art show - central Japan.

Autumn, 2014
More than 170 paintings and over 50 piano compositions since the first ever painting on July 10, 2013.

November, 2014
3rd solo art show - central Japan.

December, 2014
Release of second sudden music CD.

Spring, 2015
New Kirari Collection Series starts. Original piano compositions now number over 100.

May, 2015
4th solo art show - central Japan. 5th solo art show - central Tokyo.