Catrien Ross

Artist & Mystic in Japan


Childhood memories of oceans crossed and continents traversed have doubtless influenced my adult choices in life.

I was born in Jakarta to a Scots father and a Dutch-Indo mother from a long line of Indo- Europeans in Java. When the Europeans were forced to leave Indonesia we returned to Scotland, stopping along the way for my father’s work in Malaysia and Africa.

I grew up in Glasgow, devouring books, writing poetry, hiking the Scottish hills, and creating worlds of play and words for my four younger brothers and sisters. My school was Hyndland Secondary and my heart’s still in the Highlands.

My education continued in the USA, where I graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University. I spent many years as a non-fiction writer and university lecturer before establishing my own consulting company. After an invitation from the Japanese government to study business in Japan, I left America for Tokyo.

A spiritual crisis and awakening changed me forever. I moved to the mountains of Yamanashi, where for twenty-five years I have been reclaiming my life as a natural mystic. I live in a 300- year-old minka, deep in Nature, and surrounded by animals.

In 2009 I established Energy Doorways, my creative and spiritual center at the foot of Mount Fuji. I had been a spiritual teacher and healer when I experienced my sudden artistic output in 2013.

I now exhibit my sudden paintings through Catrien Ross Gallery & Space. I have also become a Japanese antiques dealer, using Catrien’s Antiques, my collection of unusual Asian pieces, as a way to enhance the energy of personal space for my clients and the students I mentor.

I am multicultural, multifaceted, and multidimensional, and I can only be true to who I am.

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In 2013 I experienced the startling phenomenon of sudden artistic output.

Spontaneous paintings and piano compositions began pouring out of me in fantastical flows I was compelled to express.

The experience was all the more astonishing because I have no study or training whatsoever in either painting or the piano and before my sudden artistic output had not the slightest interest in either.

I do not sketch, draw or paint, and there has never been a piano in my house.

At the everyday, surface level I know absolutely nothing about painting or piano techniques.

I have since come to understand that my paintings and music reveal a hidden universe in the brain that can all of a sudden be directly accessed.

This creative part of me, completely subconscious until 2013, holds all the knowledge I will ever need about painting and playing the piano.

My sudden paintings and music now reveal this hidden universe.

More than 100 of my acrylic on canvas paintings hang in a Buddhist temple in central Japan and my original piano compositions have been released as two CDs.


So what can a natural mystic living in Japan do for you?

  1. By being true to who I am, I inspire you to become the best expression of yourself. It takes courage be just as you are in this world. So many of us are afraid to sound our own note. Yet your unique note matters.
  2. By embracing my sudden artistic output for what it is, without fear or doubt, I allow my paintings and music to remind us there is so much more in us than we know. I dance with the universe, and you can, too.
  3. By providing a safe space at my website, I invite you to explore your own creative and spiritual expansion. Connecting with my story can be a way to deepen your own inner journey.
  4. By posting my blogs and publishing my books, I share my thoughts and also my deep love of the English language. My words can elicit a resonance in you that leads to a new way of seeing.
  5. By being myself, you can be yourself whenever we meet. It is that simple, that joyful.