Catrien Ross

Artist & Mystic in Japan


My sudden artistic eruption confirms that however mysterious it is, I know things I have never learned about painting. This knowing joyfully illuminates each original work.

For me, questioning the why of my more than 170 paintings in less than two years is unimportant. What matters is fully, totally, being the sudden artist I am now.

I hope others can see and feel my art in the same spirit of astonished acceptance and expansive sense of wonder.

— —

Some Responses to Catrien Ross Art:

“There is a sense of peace and balance when I gaze into your realms. The colors and textures revitalize me.” - Bernie (USA)

“I sense myself returning to the source of the deepest and best in me. Your paintings give such healing.” - Shomi (Japan)

“Amazing paintings .... so much movement and energy.” - Fiona (Australia)

“There is something deeply confident and joyful about the work. I get this lovely warm feeling when I look at the paintings. They seem to depict imprints on my soul that are inexplicable with words .... that are feelings with colour .... the shades of purple bring me an instant feeling of joy.” - Clare (Switzerland)

"I see the movements of the universe in your painting." - Iain (UK)

“Your colors seem born of the sky, of the heavens .... of the spirit, too, and bring me such warmth of emotion.” - Harehiko (Japan)

“I feel as if I am floating and flying and looking into a landscape of endless possibilites and mysteries that have yet to unfold .... all your paintings sweep me away.” - Joie (USA)

— —

Each of my acrylic on canvas paintings is a signed, one-of-a-kind original. Artwork is available directly from me and also at my art gallery in Japan.

I welcome your direct contact and am happy to answer questions you might have about my paintings. Please click REQUEST to start the conversation.