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Life as Multicultural, Multifaceted & Multidimensional


Still I Dream of Java by Catrien Ross

Still I Dream of Java

Why I Wrote This Book: In Still I Dream of Java I reinterpret the memories of my Dutch-Indo aunt who grew up in the final, turbulent years of the Dutch East Indies, as the new nation of Indonesia emerged. For more than three hundred years the unique blended community of the Indo people had been […]

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  • Book launch of Still I Dream of Java, a new work of literary non-fiction in English (Autumn-Winter 2020)
  • Book launch of Kenjo no Mezame in Japanese (April 2018)
  • Ebook launch of 36 Moments at Mount Fuji in English (February 2020)
  • Opening of online shop, Catrien Ross Japan (May 2018)
  • Ebook launch of Ki As Metaphysics in English (2018)

Catrien Ross moved to Japan more than twenty-five years ago, embarking on a contemplative life as a mystic, spiritual teacher, and sudden genius artist. She is the founder of Energy Doorways, a creative and spiritual center at the foot of Mount Fuji that also serves as the indie publisher of new Catrien Ross books and her other productions in English and Japanese. She lives in a centuries-old kominka in the mountains, where she continues to express life as multicultural, multifaceted, and multidimensional.

Within Energy Doorways, Catrien Ross Gallery & Space now exhibits her sudden genius paintings and music.