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Catrien Ross Art:Dr. Johann Gottlieb “Hans” Laetz in Loving Memory

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Catrien Ross Art for Dr. Johann Gottlieb "Hans" Laetz: "Remembering Hans", 2014

“Remembering Hans”
Catrien Ross Art for Dr. Johann Gottlieb “Hans” Laetz, in Loving Memory, 2014


Dr. Johann Gottlieb Laetz – “Hans” to me – died on September 23, 2014.

“Remembering Hans” is my first memorial art for him, with love.

Gold dances upward on the canvas, exulting in Hans’ joy in life.

Lush greens and blues sculpt his optimism, generosity, and lifelong love of gardening.

Violet-purple accents echo his memories of poetry and song.

“Remembering Hans” recalls his dynamism – Hans was a funny, interesting man who loved telling stories about his childhood in Ortenburg, a little German village.

In the book we published together in 2009, Hans cites his enduring connection with Nature.

He tells how he grew up revering the Bavarian forests, the flow of rivers, the reassuring power of the seasons.

Hans believed that planting a tree is a deeply spiritual act.

In our 22 years of married life together, he planted so many trees.

When my own spiritual calling took me alone to Japan, we remained unfailingly close, loving one another through 38 years, until his death.

Hans visited me in Japan twice recently, intending to move here for the last phase of his long life and so excited about his new adventure.

He reveled in the beauty of my mountain minka and especially the ancient ginkgo tree that sheltered him as he sat.

His magnanimous energy continues to enrich my painting and my heart.

“Remembering Hans” delights in the love we cherished and thanks Hans for loving me so long and so well.

Goodbye, Hans – I am missing you, missing you. With Love Always, Catrien.

“Remembering Hans” will be shown November 13-17, 2104, in Catrien Ross Solo Art Show #3, titled “Energy of the Universe” at Honkohji Temple, in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka, Japan. Details




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