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Catrien Ross Solo Art Show at Buddhist Temple in Japan

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Catrien Ross Howa at Honkohji, Japan

A Buddhist temple in Japan’s heartland will present Catrien Ross paintings in a solo art exhibition titled, Soul Journeys (in Japanese, Tamashii no Tabi).

Honkohji is a Nichiren Buddhist temple in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

With some 1,600 years of history, its current head monk is Saito Bunyo, written about in my blog post, How My Intuition Painted the Perfect Gift for Bunyo.

Now 85, Bunyo is blind and bedridden: Day-to-day temple operations are run by his daughter, Shohmi, herself a monk.

Under Shohmi’s patronage, 32 of my acrylic on canvas paintings already hang throughout Honkohji, including the main hall.

Soul Journeys will also feature my 2014 Glints Series artwork in F0 size (18 x 14cm).

Catrien Ross Glints Series I, Nos. 1-5

Jewel-toned and richly textured, these small yet powerful paintings express aspects of a vibrant spiritual landscape revealed through the inner eye.

So far this year I have completed 28 paintings in Glints Series I, II and III.

Catrien Ross solo art exhibition dates at Honkohji are May 16-18, 2014.

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