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How My Intuition Painted the Perfect Gift for Bunyo

Written by: on February 18th, 20140 COMMENT
Catrien Ross From Source No.7

From Source No.7 – Bunyo’s Blue

From Source No.7 is an acrylic on canvas artwork I painted as a gift for Bunyo, calling it “Bunyo’s Blue.”

Bunyo is the head monk of a Buddhist temple in Shizuoka, Japan.

He has been bedridden for some four years after an operation to remove a kidney.

Now 85, he almost never opens his eyes and rarely speaks.

I intuitively begin “Bunyo’s Blue” in a broad yellow brushstroke which moves as a powerful snake patterned with tiny markings.

This evolves into a mist of blues, advancing and receding through light and dark.

As yellow fades behind blue, my brush rushes upwards, joyous as a mountain stream.

Bright gold flecks and strokes now spiral outwards – a delicate yet exuberant shout.

Bunyo’s wife, Yoko, instantly sees a snake within the blues, and is surprised.

She tells me that Bunyo was born in the Year of the Snake – a fact my intuition had naturally picked up when I began painting my gift for him.

“Bunyo’s Blue” is now the cover art for my first CD of live-recorded melodies, “Music from Source:Return – Variations.”

Music from Source CD

Catrien Ross CD Cover Art

How do you feel about the story behind “Bunyo’s Blue?”

Do you, too, see the snake for Bunyo in my painting From Source No.7?


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