Catrien Ross

Artist & Mystic in Japan


A centuries-old minka in the mountains. A spiritual sanctuary. A nurturing source. An immersion in Nature. A connection with the hidden universe that moves within each of us and which holds so much creative potential.

Japan Space is all of this, and more. The boundless multiplicity of the ten thousand things.

Here I write and publish and reveal my sudden paintings and music.

I take walks on the hill, bask in the love of my animals (only cats now, the dogs have one by one all died of old age), and sit by the huge, hand-built masonry heater that warms the first floor. I also appreciate the constant presence of wild animals such as deer, boar, the black bear that comes to steal the persimmons and mulberries, and the tanuki that lives under the house.

When I experienced the startling phenomenon of sudden artistic output in 2013, the third floor of this pre-Edo era minka became the quiet place for my outpouring of acrylic on canvas creations. I installed a digital piano here, the first piano ever in my life, and the sudden music that flows out from my untrained and unrestrained fingers fills the house with a sense of wonder.

Restoring this old Japanese folk house has been an ongoing process of challenge and acceptance and a deep awareness that my task is endless. It truly is about the journey, and I long ago stopped minding that I will never arrive.

As a Japanese antiques dealer, I use my minka as a transition space for the Asian furniture and furnishings which will go to my showroom at the foot of Mount Fuji. The spacious center overlooking Lake Kawaguchi also exhibits my sudden paintings and music and serves as an energetic space for my spiritual teaching and healing.

Integrated as all of a piece this is Japan Space for me: Life as multicultural, multifaceted and multidimensional and an ever-evolving story.

To Website Visitors:
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Meantime, thank you so much for visiting my website and blog.
~ Catrien Ross