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My Sudden Art Finds Its First Home

Written by: on February 22nd, 20140 COMMENT
Catrien Ross From Source No.6

From Source No.6 at Catrien Ross Studio-Sanctuary in Japan

I painted From Source No.6 on the fifth day of the sudden and stunning eruption that shapes the continuing mystery of my art and music.

My brushstrokes release the hidden heart of the rainbow, defining and expanding its inner radiance.

Someone with many works of art throughout her home happened to view this painting two days after I signed it.

She declared her love at once, exclaiming her joyful emotional response to the energy, colors and movement.

Unexpectedly, my sixth painting became the first painting I sold.

From Source No.6 now hangs in the entryway of its new home in central Japan.

Catrien Ross From Source No.6-2

From Source No.6 Finds An Art Lover’s Home

How about loving art in your life?

As an artist, do you have a story to share about the first artwork you sold?

As a buyer or collector, what is the first artwork you truly loved?


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