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New Consciousness As A Sudden Genius Artist – The Hidden Universe in Catrien Ross Art

Written by: on August 19th, 20150 COMMENT

Catrien Ross Art - Kirari Collection

I now have direct access to a new consciousness I could not readily tap before my sudden genius eruption in 2013.

More and more, that’s what my being a sudden genius artist actually means.

And one astonishment after another emerges.

A few months ago, I took a closer look at From Source No.74, an acrylic on canvas I spontaneously painted last November.

I was especially interested in digital close-ups of the undulating and vibrantly colored triangular area at the lower left.

Catrien Ross Art - From Source No.74

About one-fifth of the total F20 canvas size, this dynamic triangle immediately yielded more than 100 detailed images.

Viewed together they reveal a complex microcosmos I understand as the hidden universe in my sudden genius art.

I call these surprising images my Kirari Collection, and I presented a selection at my fourth solo art show in central Japan, May 18-22, 2015.

I am now compiling these images in an art book I plan to publish shortly.

To my delight and ever-expanding sense of wonder, my sudden genius evolution as a painter continues.


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