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New Glints Art From Source in Japan’s 120-Year Snow

Written by: on April 20th, 20140 COMMENT

Catrien Ross New Art Glints

120-Year Snow at Catrien Ross Studio-Sanctuary in Japan

From the deep hush of a record 120-year snow, new facets of my creative flow emerge.

A series of twelve small paintings infused with vibrant color.

Each richly textured canvas reveals some hidden essence.

Here, a glimpse into the cosmic dance of wholeness.

There, an aspect of the primordial play through dark and light.

Working swiftly and surely I am once again expressing my Art from Source.

Source, also known as Oneness, the Divine, the Eternally Creative Intelligence.

The Consciousness in which I become both created and creator.

Catrien Ross Glints Series I

Catrien Ross Glints Series I Nos. 6-12

Glints Series I, Nos.1-12, is now in a private collection in Japan.

This YouTube video shows Nos.6-12, with my Music From Source.


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