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Painting the Yin-Yang of 2014 Horse Energy

Written by: on January 22nd, 20140 COMMENT

First Blog Photo #1

In the Chinese calendar 2014 is the year of wood, or green, horse.

At Catrien Ross studio-sanctuary in Japan, horse energy gallops ahead.

My first painting of 2014 intuitively surges with greens: The second rushes into reds.

Complementary Yin-Yang pulsation resonating within me.

From Source No.55 is a prancing celebration of greens and blues with silver slivers.

New Latest Art 2014 01

Intriguing glints emerge.

A dynamic inner landscape?

A boundless ocean kingdom where the sea horse glides?

From Source No.56 affirms this year’s momentum.

New Latest Art 2014 02

Sweeping curves of red and violet kissed with gold.

I ride the winds of the moment – the precious Now that comes once only.

Breath itself is joy and commemoration.

An upwelling again and again of vibrant wonder.

How about you?

How do you see and sense my first two paintings of 2014?

For closer views of From Source No.55 and From Source No.56 please enjoy my short YouTube video, below.

Soundtrack is from a live recording of my playing Return 19, one of five tracks on my music CD titled Music from Source:Return-Variations.

Here’s to sharing a wonderful horse energy year in 2014!


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